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ID Change Maker Support Familiar Reject Inactive
Old Man in a Chair22147
Steve Saylor21
The Venus Project2112
Ubuntu Contributionism 217
America's Front Line Doctors13
Amazing Polly112
Break Lockdown, Ditch the Mask111
Children's Health Defense14
Colin M Barron (Dr)1
Changing the World is Easy1
Earth Dollar11
Free World Charter117
International Tribunal for Natural Justice11
Khan Academy14
Money Free Party1110
Numero Set14
Project Health Control1
Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist)14
Resource Based Economy17
Save Our Rights (UK)11
Swarm Age1
The Corbett Report12
TROM Site117
The Zeitgeist Movement15
Universal Basic Income14
Universal Basic Services13
United Earth11
World Government Summit1
World Summit Movement13
Zachary Denman1
African Change Champion1
Authentic Education
All Real
Anonymous (Q)15
Austin Steinbart
A Warrior Calls1
Buckminster Fuller Institute23
Bridge North
Become Ungovernable
Big World Small Sasha1
Cube Spawn11
Conscious Evolution Boston
Collaborative Governance Techlology
Citizens In Charge1
Compass (Build Back Better)
Covid-19 Rationality1
Common Planet12
Cosmic Pirate Party
Corona Enterprises1
Democracy Earth Foundation1
Evolution Coop
Earth Custodians1
Earth United Global1
FLEK Swiss Consulting
Global Ecovillage Network13
Galactic Federation of Light
Green Geeks (web hosting)
General Strike 20201
Hectare of Hope
International Currency Reform Association
International Logic Party
London Real4
Mother Earth Nation
Non Compete
New Earth Project2
Nu Mundo1
New World Government
One Community14
Oriental Review
Donald Trump2
Joe Biden1
Bernie Sanders2
Jo Jorgensen1
Project Controls Online
Professor Dave Explains
Project Dream World
Purple Paradise Resort2
Project Sanity
PUSH (for a better tomorrow)
RBE United12
Research Gate
Revolution Z
Sacred Economics11
Social Rebirth8
Standing Rock8
Synergy Nation
Transition Hubs Group
The Juice Media1
The Transition
Truth 11
The Star Party
Two Steps to an RBE2
Transition University CF34
United Citizens of Earth
United Restart
Utopia Corncopia1
We Agree Life1
We The World1